Return Policy DesiDeals provides buyers the options of exchange, replacement, and refund. The policies of product returns could vary from one category to another. The general return/exchange/refund policy may not be applicable on specific product or product page, and in such a case(s) return/exchange/refund policy, as displayed along/on a product/product page, will be applicable. It is directed/advised that you peruse and understand the terms and clauses of respective product’s/product page’s return/exchange/refund policy to avoid/minimize any conflict or dispute or a chance conflict or dispute of post buying a product.

The period for product(s) return starts from the date of actual sale. The return period, which is set as 10 days by, and they altogether exclude days required for product packing, shipment/dispatch, package transportation etc. And, thus the buyer gets effective 10 days (minimum) for returning/replacing/exchanging products, which start exactly post product is delivered by DesiDeals’s delivery partner/courier partner/third-party shipping company.

The buyer should also learn & understand that return policy might differ from one product category to another, and thus it is advised that you carefully read and understand return policy before buying a product under specific product category. We also recommend that you do refer the return/replacement policy, for product you’re interested in buying or desire to buy from, on website’s product listing page for any additional information or not covered in the table below:

The return policy is divided into three parts (1. Return Period, 2. Possible Actions, and 3. Conditions (if any)); Do read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.