DesiDeals Mobile Phone Camera Lens for OPPO F7 (Scratch Resistant, Transperant)


  • Hardness: Hardness level provides protection from accidental drop & scratches.
  • Anti Scratch: ?Tempered Glass with Nano Primer coating provides excellent adhesive strengthening, surface hardness and chemical resistance to scratches and corrosion.
  • Quality:?Premium quality camera lens protects your camera lens from daily wear and tear, scratches, scrapes and explosion, which reach 9H hardness, military shield 3 times stronger than common glass

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?Our Premium Camera Lens Protectors are designed to protect your Camera. Back Camera Lens against impact, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges. Manufactured from a high quality chemically treated glass, the lens protectors are lightweight, thin but most importantly, extremely protective. After lot of experiment Team have finally developed a technique where major problems like Rainbow Effect, Dust Particles entering from sides, Weak Adhesion, Less responsiveness have been removed completely.

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Dimensions 6.38 × 3.7 × 2 cm



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