DD Male Cable (AV Audio Video Cable ,TV-Out Cable , Speaker Amplifier Connect ,RCA Audio Video ,TRS 3-Pole Male Plug to Dual RCA Male-3M)


  • i-Pod, i-Pad, tablets, laptops, Mac-Book Pro, Ma c Air, Notebook, computer, MP3 players, Walkman, Discman and all other audio-playing
  • Headphone, Hi-Fi stereo sound systems, car stereos, radios, portable Bluetooth speakers, and wireless audio receivers
  • Smartphones (IOS and Android), Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, or other 3.5mm-enabled devices.
  • Stereo receivers or speakers, turntable, VCR, DVD player, TV, Video Camera, AV receiver, amplifier, projector, radio
  • Subwoofer, PS3, Wii, HDTV, Dolby Digital Receiver, DTS Decoder, Mini Disk, TV, Video Camera, VCR, or other equipment with legacy RCA connectors.
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3.5mm Stereo Aux Jack to 2 RCA cable enables you to connect a i-Phone/i-Pad, MP3 player, TV, Car Radio, Mac-Book, smartphone MP3, tablets or laptop with the 3.5mm aux Jack to Stereo Receiver, Amplifier, Speaker, Turntable, AV receiver with 2 RCA. The Stereo Headphone Jack to 2RCA Phone Cable is bi-directional. It can deliver audio from 3.5mm devices to 2RCA audio outputs. Or on the contrary. 3.5mm Mini Jack to RCA Phone Cable is a combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, dual-shielding, high-quality polished metal connectors, and ferrite bead shielding provides superior stereo audio transmission and protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Experience not only seamlessly transmitted, clear, high-quality stereo sound but also consistent reliability and minimal signal loss.?

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